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Malagua’i, was a powerful chief of Tomhom, in the north of Guahan.  He came to Inalahan in his canoe to challenge Gadao.  Upon beaching his canoe on the bayside, he met a man whom he mistook as a servant or assistant to Gadao.  The man was in fact, Gadao; but he continued to pretend to be Gadao’s assistant and invited Malagua’i to sit and eat while they awaited Gadao’s return.  While they waited, Gadao began to prepare food.  First, he obtained coconuts from a tree by shaking the tree instead of climbing it to pick the fruit.  Next, he squeezed the cream from the coconut by twisting the unopened nut in his bare hands.  Seeing this, Malagua’i thought to himself that if the assistant was so strong, how much stronger must be the chief; and he decided to leave.
As he got into his canoe, Gadao revealed his true identity and jumped into the other end of Malagua’i’s canoe.  Malagua’i paddled furiously toward the sea, and at the same time Gadao paddled in the opposite direction.  The strength of the two men was such that the canoe broke in half.  Malagua’i shot out to sea in his half of the canoe, while Gadao’s half cleaved into the land, creating the Inalahan river.  Following this battle, Gadao wrote about the story in the cave at the mouth of Inalahan Bay. 

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